Best German Shepherd Collars (Top 6)

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As a German Shepherd owner, you might know how hard it is to control these large dog breeds if they are not trained properly. These top 6 German shepherd collars might come in handy when training your dog or controlling him from getting aggressive towards strangers. It will also avoid your dog running off to somewhere while you desperately try to catch him.

German Shepherd is some of the most intelligent and active dog breeds in the world. They are also quite powerful and have strong guarding instincts. One should train his GSD from quite a young age to be obedient and friendly. As they can get pretty aggressive sometimes, getting a good collar or leash for your German shepherd is a priority and a necessity. We have compiled our top 6 picks for best collars for German Shepherd that can fit almost every GSD.

Reviews – Best 5 German Shepherd Collars

1.) Max and Neo Stainless Steel Martingale Dog Collar

Max and Neo Martingale dog collar

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This braided dog collar is one of the best German Shepherd collars in the market. This dog collar and leash are made to give your dog comfort even when you tug on them hard. The most important thing is its martingale collar. That means that the collar is adjusted as per the force applied when tugging and will not choke your German Shepherd or cause skin irritation. You also get a 90 pages Ultimate Dog Training Guide book for free when you purchase this collar.

Max and Neo Martingale collar is made from 8x braided nylon threads that are handmade. It meets search and rescue standards and can rotate 360 degrees for free movement when out for a walk. Also, this collar comes with a lifetime warranty for your collar.

This collar comes in small and large sizes. But if your dog has a medium neck between 16-17 inches, then this collar will be either too small or too large for your dog’s neck. Therefore, always check your dog’s neck measurement before purchasing this collar. A large size collar fits a neck size that’s between 18.5 to 22.5 inches in circumference.

Pros and Cons

👍 No Choking Collar
👍 Made with search and rescue standards in mind
👍 Comes with a dog guide book
👍 Maximum control
👍 No pain for your dog when tugging on him

👎 Only 2 colors to choose from

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2.) WINSEE Dog Harness with Dog Collar and Leash Clips

WINSEE No-pull Dog Harness with Dog Collar and Leash Clips
Winsee dog harness with a dog collar and leash clips

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This adjustable dog harness is specially made to control large dogs like German Shepherd, Wolfhound, Great Dane, Golden Retriever, and others. One of the best things about this harness is that its dog collar will not make your dog uncomfortable and choke up. You can also customize this harness as per your dog’s measurement using the adjuster on the chest and neck. Neck girth can be adjusted from 21 to 33 inches, while chest girth from 24 to 50 inches.

Winsee dog harness also comes with two metal D-rings on the front and back of the harness for attaching a leash to your dog’s harness. The front helps you to control and distribute the pull of your dog to prevent choking, while the back leash helps in relaxed walking. An easy to use, all-rounded harness for you and your dog.

This harness is made with enhanced 1680D oxford fabric. Which means is that it is high-density fabric and does not tear up when your German Shepherd chews on it. Also made with breathable mesh lining for extra protection and comfort, this harness comes with a soft sponge padding plate.

Pros and Cons

👍 XL Harness with Dog Collar
👍 No Pull and Choke Free
👍 Reflective Straps and Sturdy Handle
👍 Adjustable Neck and Girth Fit
👍 Easy to Use

👎 Sometimes The Fit Is Off For Some Dogs
👎 Some Users Complaint Of It Ripping-off Too Easy

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3.) Mendota Dog Slip Lead

Mendota Dog slip lead
Mendota Dog Slip Lead

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Recognized by Amazon, Mendota dog slip lead is a very durable, budget-friendly and a highly convenient product. It is a collar and a leash designed into one. A good product designed for walking and training your German Shepherd. Your dog will use less force to pull on when tied to this lead. That is because this lead is made from a fabric that has elastic properties so that when your dog pulls, it negates the force by stretching and being tight around your dog’s neck.

This lead is made from polypropylene fabric that is waterproof, machine washable and long-lasting. It is rugged and can be rolled up to take a tiny bit of space when traveling. Also, it is easy to use and is soft on your hands.

Mendota dog slip lead can fit any neck size whether it is a Poodle or a Great Dane. It’s leather splices and brass, black metallic hardware, and satin nickel give a beautiful finishing touch. This dog lead is best for the owners who hate clumsy leash hooks or loops. Available in 11 unique colors, this dog leash and collar is the best bet as a budget-friendly and reliable dog lead.

Pros and Cons

👍 Easy to Use
👍 Can be Rolled Into a Tight Space
👍 Highest Quality

👎 Sometimes the Colors Bleed Out
👎 Loose Braids After a While in Some Cases

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4.) URPOWER Adjustable Dog Leash and Harness

Urpower adjustable dog leash and harness

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This dog leash harness is the perfect companion when walking your dog as it is made from everyday wearable fabric and is quite comfortable on your hands. One of the great things about this harness is that it doesn’t wrap inside your dog’s armpit where most chafing happens. It keeps your dog comfortable wearing it and also reduces tugging and pulling on his neck.

This harness is double fabricated, that is the inside part is made from nylon while the upper part is made from thick layers of blue jeans fabric. Also, the orange nylon stitching plays to the strength of the design. All of these colors combined gives a classic and handsome look.

Urpower adjustable dog leash and harness come with built-in clasps and round metal that holds the harness together and fastens it around your German Shepherd. The metals used in this harness does not wear and rust easily. Along with the harness, you are given two adjustable leashes to fit your German Shepherd.

Pros and Cons

👍 Heavy Duty Construction
👍 Can be Fit Into Tight Spaces
👍 Reduces Chafing
👍 Stylish & Simple

👎 The Clip-fastener Can Be Fragile for Very Large Dogs
👎 Large Dogs Can Chew Off the Fabric

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5.) Soft Touch Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

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If you want a minimalist and elegant look, you should go for Soft Touch Real Leather Padded Dog Collar. The premium leather gives a beautiful and elegant look on your German Shepherd’s neck. It has a two-tone color with a sealed edge, brown and cream with the inside made from sheepskin leather padding. Because of this, it will be extremely comfortable for your dog to walk in it.

The total length of the collar is 28 inches that cover a German Shepherd’s neck. Small buckle holes help in adjusting the size of the collar to that of your dog’s neck. Also, it comes with a built-in small ring next to the buckle so that you can place dog tags. The D-ring and buckle are made from brass and prevents corrosion.

The best thing about having this collar is that with this collar you also get a lifetime guarantee that plays to your part. So it the collar ever fails because of manufacturing defects, you can always replace it with a new one.

Pros and Cons

👍 Two-Tone Premium Leather Finish
👍 A Place for Dog Tags
👍 Easy Leash Attatchment
👍 Lifetime Guarantee

👎 Fits size only from 22 – 25 inches

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6.) Country Brook Martingale Heavyduty Nylon Dog Collar

Country Brook Martingale Heavyduty Nylon Dog Collar

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This Martingale heavy duty dog collar is a perfect fit for your German Shepherd if you want a collar that is durable and long-lasting. It comes with stainless steel hardware for strength and durability. Because this is a martingale collar, it adjusts to your dog’s neck according to the pull force that your dog exerts. If your dog is a restless little fellow than this harness will be good for you as it tightens around your GSD neck when pulling, giving you control over him.

Martingale heavy-duty collar is adjustable from 18 inches to 26 inches. It can be tightened using the two metal handles that are placed at either side controlling the size of the collar.

Also, a perfect tool for training your dog and keeping him by your side when walking. It is made with soft nylon fabric which makes it unbreakable and unchewable. An escape-proof collar with the superior build quality. Also, it is made with colorfast dye and will not fade or bleed when you wash it.

Pros and Cons

👍 Stylish and Fashionable
👍 Maringale Collar Tightens when pulling
👍 Stainless Steel Hardware

👎 Not Intended for Indoor Use

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How to Choose the Best Collar for Your German Shepherd?

German Shepherd is a big and strong breed. That is why you need a collar that can handle that kind of pull and tug from your dog and you. Every dog needs a collar, as it identifies them as a household pet instead of a stray dog. A collar serves the purpose of keeping the dog’s identification tag, license tag and so on. But also the quality of the collar should always be checked. Get a collar that is suited as per your dog’s requirements.

What are the types of collars used for German Shepherd?

There is a whole lot range of collars to choose from depending on the personality and breed of your dog. Choose a collar and leash that compliments your dog’s personality but also keeps him in check. A collar shouldn’t hurt your dog as well as your dog should be comfortable wearing it.

The best collars for a German Shepherd is:

  • Slip Collars
  • Choke Collars
  • Training Collars
  • Standard Collars

What types of materials used for the collars?


Nylon is by far the most widely used material for making dog collars as it does not wear off easily and is long-lasting. Another reason for using it as a collar is that it is not that expensive. It can also be color dyed easily and is water-resistant.


Metal collars are used on large dogs that are hard to train. These collars are used by professionals and amateurs on strong and large dogs. If you want to make your german shepherd wear a metal collar, go for it. But keep in mind that you should always be there supervising your dog and don’t let him wear it for too long. It is the toughest collars and can hurt your dog.


Leather is a material that is either loved or hated by the owners. Fake leather collars are not so good option as they can lead to skin irritation on the neck. If you want to use a leather collar, use a premium one as it will be a good choice for your GSD. Also, it will not wear off easily.

Q & A

Why do dogs need a collar?

A dog collar contains information about the dog, that is, his name and address in the information tag, his license, etc. Another thing that a collar is used for is having control over your dog. It is a place where you connect the leash.

What collar size will fit your german shepherd?

Most german shepherd has a neck circumference of between 18 inches to 24 inches. But when buying a collar, you should opt for a collar that has at least one inches added to it. A general rule of thumb: you should be able to slip in two fingers between the collar and neck when your dog is wearing it.

What if my german shepherd is a puller? What type of collar should I use?

Use a martingale or a slip collar. Both are pretty good for a dog that pulls constantly. It relaxes your dog and makes him comfortable wearing it. Furthermore, it teaches him to be at your side at all times.

How tight should a german shepherd collar be?

A general rule of thumb is that the collar should be as tight as when you can slip two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. If you use more than the recommended tighter grip, your dog will have a hard time to breathe and will suffocate when you pull on him.

How often should I leave the collar on my german shepherd?

You should keep the collar on at all times. Sometimes if your dog struggles to get off it, you should give him the chance to do so by taking it off from him. But keep a close eye on him as if he flees off to somewhere and gets lost, there will be no way that someone else can help you by seeing his information tag. What you can do is take the collar off at night and on by the day. That will be good for your dog.

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