When it comes to a temporary solution for a party, camping or business stalls, canopies are the number one go-to product in the market. Canopies have seen a major evolution in terms of transportability and set-up. And today, we have pop up canopies for every occasion.

There are various type and size of canopies available in the market. But when it comes to parties and wedding functions, a standard 10×10 canopy seems to be the problem. A 10×20 canopy seems a lot reasonable. Here are the best 10×20 canopy that are available in the market.

Reviews – Best 10×20 Pop Up Canopy in 2019

1.) Goutime 10×20 Ft Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent

Goutime 10x20 Ft Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent with 4Pcs 10Ft Removable Sidewalls and Wheeled Bag for Outdoor Party Events
Goutime 10×20 Ft Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent

This canopy is similar to the first one on the list but there are certain reasons why this one is priced higher than the other one. Firstly, it comes with 99% UV protection cover and oxford grade fabric that keeps you dry and cool even in the hottest of summer. Secondly, this canopy comes with a one year warranty. So, if your canopy is damaged or was damaged in the first place, you can return it and ask for a refurbished or a new canopy.


Another thing about this is that this pop-up canopy comes with 4 removable walls that can put on or off when needed. The walls have church windows that add to the style of the tent plus it helps the canopy stay lit with light. Goutime 10×20 pop up canopy is pretty good but doesn’t hold well for a longer duration of time with respect to windy and rainy conditions.

The fabric is waterproof and the frames are anti-corrosive. Furthermore, the nails can be hammered down through the base plate for added stability and support. The tent can hold 10-16 people at a time. A perfect companion for events and parties.

Pros and Cons

👍 Easy to Assemble and Pack Up
👍 Waterproof
👍 Easily Transportable
👍 Comes With 4 Screens

👎 Little Expensive


2.) DOIT 10ft x 20ft Pop Up Canopy Tent

DOIT 10ft x 20ft Pop Up Canopy Tent Gazebo for Party or Camping,Portable Wheeled Carrying Bag,Blue
DOIT 10ft x 20ft Pop Up Canopy Tent

If you are looking for a waterproof and sturdy 10×20 canopy, then this canopy is for you. Its water-resistant quality is indisputable. If you live in a place where it rains quite often, you will do well with this canopy.

Easy to set up and easier to take down. This tent sets up without the use of any tools and screws. It will be easier for you to set it up in almost any location. One of the best things about this canopy is that this canopy comes with a portable wheeled carrying bag so you won’t have to lift it up and transport it easily.

This portable canopy is 20 ft long and 10 ft wide, as well as 10.5 feet in height. It has almost enough room for 8-16 people at a time. The folding steel frames are coated with grey anti-rust paint that helps to prevent chipping, rust, corrosion, and peeling. Furthermore, the frames come with three height settings options you can choose from.

A lot of canopies does give you shelter but doesn’t protect you from harmful sun rays on a hot summer day. But DOIT 10×20 pop-up canopy comes with an interior silver lining that prevents exposure to 99% of sun’s UV rays.

The material of this canopy is made of 210D Oxford tough water-resistant fabric that doesn’t tear off easily. Even with rugged use, this tent doesn’t wear and tear easily. You can leave out and forget about this heavy-duty canopy for a long period of time.

Pros and Cons

👍 Water-resistant
👍 Easily Transportable
👍 Protection from the Sun’s UV Rays
👍 Anti-rust Steel Frames

👎 Users seldom complain about the fabric ripping off


3.) SSLine White Outdoor Waterproof 10×20 Canopy tent

SSLine White 10x20 ft Outdoor Waterproof Canopy Tent
SSLine White Outdoor Waterproof 10×20 Canopy Tent

This canopy is one of the best 10×20 canopies out there that is least heavy for your pocket! When it comes to running toe to toe with other premium canopies, this one does a pretty awesome job. Perfect for various types of outdoor functions and parties such as weddings, shows, sales, barbecues, etc. You can use it as a garage for parking a car (temporary) or storing garden furniture outside.

SSLine’s 10ft wide and 20ft long canopy tent is very easy to install. You can install one of them in less than 15 minutes with the help of a couple of people. Although it is large, there is hardly any problem in setting up this canopy. Moreover, it is even easier to pack up.

One of the best things is that this canopy comes with 4 screens or sidewalls that can be zipped up and down to fix or remove. Church windows on the sidewalls are a great addition for style as well as provides light inside the canopy.

This canopy is built of a waterproof material that is useful when you have to set up this tent on a rainy day. Furthermore, the tent comes with pegs and guy ropes so that it can stand fine on a windy day. The material is made of thick fabric that is durable.

The frame of this canopy is of high quality and does not succumb. Also, the base plates of the frame are wide enough to hold a larger area so that the canopy tent can be used on an irregular terrain or lawn. Also comes with double sewing on panels and guy ropes.

Pros and Cons

👍 Easy to Assemble and Pack Up
👍 Comes With 4 Sidewalls
👍 Waterproof
👍 Easy on Pocket
👍 Easily Transportable

👎 Not Suitable for Very Strong Windy Conditions
👎 Not Heavy Duty


4.) Quictent Privacy 10×20 EZ Canopy Tent

Quictent Privacy 10x20 EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent Party Tent Outdoor Event Gazebo Waterproof with Roller Bag- 4 Colors (Royal Blue)
Quictent Privacy 10×20 EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent

This EZ pop up canopy tent has a build quality that a very few competitors can get on a par with. The main attraction of this canopy is its quick-release button on every leg that helps in easy folding and locking of the tent. Also, you don’t have to pinch your fingers every time you want to take down your canopy.

The features of this canopy are somewhat similar to that of the above-mentioned canopy. This canopy comes with waterproof fabric made of 420D oxford fabric. Also, the PU coating and UPF 50+ silver lining help in protection from harmful UV rays. This one also has three height adjustments: 8.5′, 8.2′, and 7.9′.

It can be easily assembled and folded down and is easy to transport. Furthermore, the base of this canopy is wide and covers a larger area, perfect for rainy or windy conditions. The steel frames are anti-corrosion resistant powder-coated that doesn’t rust off

A few sets of ropes and stakes are also included with the canopy as to provide support to it and to prevent it from falling off in the windiest of conditions.

Pros and Cons

👍 Easy Maneuvering
👍 Water-resistant
👍 Rust-free Frames

👎 Not Heavy-duty


5.) American Phoenix Easy 10×20 Canopy Tent

American Phoenix Canopy Tent 10x20 Easy Pop Up Instant Portable Event Commercial Fair Shelter Wedding Party Tent (White, 10x20)
American Phoenix Easy 10×20 Canopy Tent

If you want a light pop up canopy for a quick set up and take-down, this canopy is the best for you. This lightweight canopy is very easy to transport and is very good for outdoor events like a picnic or a party.

Besides it being lightweight, its fabric is made of 200D PVC coating with the inside made of the same color. The fabric is sturdy and does not tear off easily. Moreover, it is water-resistant and will hold well against drizzling weather. But keep in mind that this canopy is not made for strong windy conditions and can collapse.

One of the good things about this canopy is that it has a lot of overhead space. Because of this, you don’t feel like you are in a tight space when there are a lot of people around. The steel metal frames are made of anti-corrosive material so it doesn’t rust. It also comes with velcro at the corners of its four sides so to attach sidewalls.

This canopy can hold up to 18 people give or take. If you have a big family and your friends are also coming with you on a tour or a picnic, then this canopy will do you justice.

Pros and Cons

👍 Anti-rust
👍 Waterproof

👎 Not Heavy Duty
👎 Doesn’t come with a bag


6.) charaHOME Portable 10×20 Pop Up Canopy

charaHOME  Portable 10 x 20 Pop Up Canopy
charaHOME Portable 10 x 20 Pop Up Canopy

charaHOME pop up canopy is a perfect addition to your backyard parties and events. This canopy is sturdy and is reliable. Its criss-cross frames help in keeping it strong and robust. But there are a few shortcomings in it as well. Users sometimes complain about it collapsing in windy and rainy conditions.

This waterproof canopy is made of 210D oxford silver fabric that keeps you prevents 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Moreover, the frame is anti-corrosive.

The base of the legs are broad and cover a large area for added stability. The base plate can also be fixed by hammering nails down to earth. You won’t get ropes and stakes with this, so you can’t pin it down to earth. With this canopy, you also get a carry bag so that you can easily carry this tent anywhere.

Pros and Cons

👍 Easy to Set-Up
👍 Waterproof
👍 Strong and Robust

👎Not Good for windy and rainy weather


How to Choose the Best 10×20 Pop Up Canopy?

A pop up canopy can be used for anything. It can be used for weddings, like a beach canopy, for a party, as a stall, parking, storage, camping, the list is endless.

While choosing the best pop up canopy, you should keep a few things in mind.

  • Set up
  • Construction
  • Fabric
  • Protection from weather elements


You should always consider how easy is it to set up a canopy. While some canopies take longer than others, you should always choose a canopy that is not difficult to setup. A good canopy usually sets up in 10-15 minutes with the help from a couple of people.


This is one of the most important points to consider. Construction is the key to being a good and useful product. Always see if the canopy has a good build quality, that is, its frame should be sturdy and well build, it should have ropes and stakes for added support, should stand the test of time against wind and rain, should have ample of room above your head so you don’t hit your head against the frames and so on.


The fabric of the canopy should be of high quality and should not tear off easily. Furthermore, before buying, make sure that the fabric used is waterproof and have silver-lining inside for UV protection.

Protection from weather elements

Make sure that your canopy can protect you and your guests from wind and rain. See if the canopy comes with sidewalls that you can set up when it comes to that or the canopy is large enough to fit you all inside.

F. A. Q.

How much time does it take to set-up a pop up canopy?

It takes approximately 10-20 minutes to set up a canopy with the help of a few people, be it of any size. Some canopies could take a considerably massive amount of time if it is not a pop up canopy.

For what occasion do you use canopy tent?

Canopy tents can be used for a variety of occasions. Basically, it can be used for almost anything. Like a wedding, for camping, for stalls, for official purpose, outside storage, car parking and so on.

Should a pop up canopy be waterproof?

You should always check if a pop up canopy is waterproof or not. A waterproof canopy will protect you from being soaking wet on a rainy day. Also, it is easier to wash off food stains from the sidewalls, if ever a situation like that arises.

How many chairs and tables can you fit inside a 10×20 ft canopy tent?

Inside a 10×20 ft canopy, you approximately have about 200 square feet of space available for use. If your idea of partying is a stand-up cocktail, you will be able to fit around 32 to 40 only chairs. If you want to have tables to go with it, in a 3 table arrangement, you will able to seat around 20 chairs around it (60″ round tables).

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